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  Premier Web Site Traffic Analysis

Here are just a few of the many uniques
Web Stats Gold brings to Internet marketing Analysis:

% Growth rates
Trend analysis
Multiple Conversion Ratios
Drop-out Rates
Real business analysis
New vs Returning Visitor Sales

Many more and many more to come!


Sign up now and get ALL of these incredible Web Stats Gold Power Tools absolutely free! See the Pricing Page for details.

This is an introductory offer and will not be available for long. So sign up now while you still can.


Our goal at Web Stats Gold is to put real business power into your hands.

If you need or want a feature that is not in our set of power tools, just let us know. EMail our support team.

WSG Power Tools:      
  Sales Tracking Shows number of sales to new visitors, number of sales to returning visitors, total number of sales.
      Shows trend direction, Percent of change for all categories for both the current and previous time periods.
      Shows conversion ratio and drop-out rates for current and previous time periods with trend direction and percentage of change.
      Table shows all sales for the period, including IP of buyer, referring page, entry page and more.
    No special changes to your web pages needed. All calculations are done automatically.
      Get conversion ratios, % rate of change, drop-outs, visitor source and more.
      Completely invisible to your customers.
  Conversion ratios Show Conversion Ratio for Ad Campaigns, Affiliates and 'Walk-Ins' . Compares the count of visitors from various sources to the sales made from these same sources to develop an accurate conversion ratio.
Difficult to find in any other stats package! Drop-Out Rate See how many people abandon the sale after starting the purchase. Compares the current time period to the previous time period for a trend and percentage of change.
  Ad campaign tracking Track the effectiveness of multiple ad campaigns at one time. No long waits to see how things develop.
      Instantly know which ads work and which don't. Know exactly how many visitor came from which ads, and when.
      No changes to web site or changes needed. Just tag your ads with your own special 'Ad' code and you are done.
      See how many unique visitors and sales came from each ad.
      All the same great features as our Sales Tracking Module above - and more.
  ROI (Return On Investment)
Track sales made from Ad Campaigns, Newsletters, Refer-a-Friend, Affiliates and 'Walk-Ins'. Design your own campaigns if you wish.
      Special codes, URL signatures and other techniques allow you to accurately track effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
Soon...     Track total costs of each ad against profits to instantly see which ads are profitable and which are not.
Soon...     Track Cost Per Click, Ad Cost Per Sale and Return On Investment.
      Set up any number of campaigns
      Track unlimited sub-campaigns.
A WSG Exclusive! And a First! Trend analysis Show instant trend lines to compare current to previous time periods. Our Insta-Trend indicator gives quick, easy to read results for every aspect your e-business' progress.
  Affiliate Tracking Track referrals and sales from your affiliates. Get conversion ratios, dropout rates, trends and percentages of business.
      Know how many visitors and how many sales came from each affiliate.
      Includes all the same great features as the Sales Tracking Module.
Basic Tools:      
  Overall Traffic Summary Number of new visitors, return visitors, page hits, time per page, Current to previous comparison, trends, percent increase / decrease.
  Visitor Statistics Number of new visitors, return visitors, average pages per visitor, time per visit, Current to previous comparison, trends, percent increase / decrease.
      Table showing last 50 visitors with IP Address, Date and Time, Entry Page and Referring Page. Click on visitor for detail more detail on each visitor.
  Page Statistics Most visited pages with number of hits and Average view for the current time period compared to the number of views and average time for the previous time period.
      Most popular paths taken along with number of times used and comparison to the previous time period.

Entry and Exit along with number of hits for both the current and previous time periods.

  Search Engines and Referrals, such as links and affiliates Shows total search engine and referral hits, new search engines, new referrals, searches per day, referrals per day, trend and percentage of increase / decrease compared to the previous time period.
      Shows hits for search engines and referrals for current and prior time periods with trend and percent of change.
  Keywords and Phrases Shows keywords and phrases, number of times used in current and prior time periods, trend and percent of change.
  Browsers, cookies and other technical data Shows browser types, operating systems, screen size and colors along with count of each type for the current and previous time periods. Also includes trend direction and percentage of change.
      Shows number of visitors with cookies, frames, java, VBScript and background sounds enabled or disabled for the current and previous time periods
    Interactive graphs Rollover graphs show date and value for any day in both current and previous time periods.
      Shows date and value for maximum count for the period.
      Red columns show the value for the current period. Purple columns show the value for the same day in the previous period.
    Comparative Time Periods Compare performance for Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters,Years or Custom time periods to their previous time periods.
      Floating pop-up calendars allow you to select any time period start and end date.
      Rolling time periods i.e. The last 30 Days automatically updates every day.
    Track multiple web sites Track any or all of your web sites from one location.
    Show By Display graphs by Day, Week, Month or Quarter. Even use custom time periods!

password protection

All access is via password protected secure servers. You choose your own passwords.
    secure servers View and download your data with confidence. Our servers are protected by 128 bit SSL encryption.


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