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Premier Web Site Traffic Analysis

Logging on, Setting Up Your Web Stats Gold Account Information

The first thing you will need to do after signing up for Web Stats Gold is to configure your account information

Just follow the instructions below.

If you spot errors or have further questions, don't hesitate to let us know.

Contact us at: support@webstatsgold.com

Logging in

At the top of each page on the Web Stats Gold web site you will see several tab buttons. Select 'Login'. This will take you to the Client Login page.

Enter the email address you used when signing up. The initial password will be set to 'ChangeMe'. Enter it just as it is shown here, capitals and all, but without the quotes.

You will now be taken to the Client Control Panel.

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The Client Control Panel

The control panel is where you can set up your account, change passwords and view your site statistics and analysis results.

There are two dropdown menus on this page. The first allows you to select which of your sites you want to examine. The second is used to set up and configure the selected web site.

The Select Site Option You may have more than one site you want to track, so this option allows you to select which site you want to review.
The Set Up Option

Use the Set Up option dropdown menu to select the site you wish to set up. Click the gold button and you will be taken to the Set Up page.

When you get to the Site Set up page you will find four fields that need to be set. The first is the name you would like to call the site. This can be anything you wish; it does not have to be a URL.

Next is the URL of the site. This should be 'www.' plus the rest of your domain name, such as www.mydomain.com.

The next two fields are used to monitor your sales. The first field is the page the customer goes to when the click the 'Buy' or 'Add to Cart' button. In other words, the last page they visit before they select the 'Checkout' option. This tells you how many people start the buying process.

The last field is the page they go to after the sale is complete. This is usually called the 'Thank You' page.

In both the last two cases, the full URL path is required, as they may be in a secure area away from the normal web site.

Press the 'Submit' button to record your changes.

The Password Option

Here you can manage your password. Initially, this is set to 'ChangeMe', but you won't want to keep it like that. You may change it to anything you want.

You must first enter your original password, followed by two entries to confirm the password change.

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