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Premier Web Site Traffic Analysis

Setting Up Your Web Pages for Web Stats Gold Traffic Analysis

Preparing your site to work with Web Stats Gold is really very simple. Each page that you want to track will have a bit of html code pasted in at the bottom of the page. That's it!

Just follow the instructions below.

If you spot errors or have further questions, don't hesitate to let us know.

Contact us at: support@webstatsgold.com

The HTML Code

  The code below is all that is required to get started. You can hold your mouse over the code and drag to highlight it, then select 'Edit/Copy' to make a copy of the code.



If you are using an HTML editor or web page layout program, you will most likely be using page templates. If this is the case, your job is very easy. You will just paste the code into the main template and update all your web pages that use the template.

When you first signed up for Web Stats Gold, you should have received an email containing code similar to that above. The only difference will be that it already contains your account number. If you have lost that email or didn't receive it, you can just use this code.

Note: With some editors, you may have to use 'Paste HTML' or some similar option to keep the editor from converting the HTML to text format.

Look for the </body> tag and paste the code just in front or above this tag. After you have pasted the code into the first of your web pages (or the main template), replace the 'XXX' above with your account number. There are three of them, so be sure to change all three. This is very important, as this number is used to collect data from your visitors and apply it to the correct account.

That's it. You are all set. Just upload your pages to the server and you will be instantly collecting visitor information. We wish you all possible success with your enterprise.

Note 2: If you have many pages to track and are not using templates, you may want to look at the Multi Updater. This easy to use tool will modify thousands of pages in seconds.






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