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  Premier Web Analytics

The best bargain on the Internet today


Web Stats Gold's prices not only include the basic website stats available from other web site traffic services, but also include many extras, like trend analysis, rate of change, drop out rate, conversion ratios and many other features not found in web analytic services.

Why spend hours analyzing raw log files to produce the very information we provide any time you need it - instantly.

We do our very utmost to supply the best analytic service at rock bottom prices. You won't find more value for money anywhere.

Still not convinced? From time to time we have special promotions and offers that might be of interest. If you would like to be notified of these offers, just say "Email Me".



No leases, no contracts, no need to prepay. Cancel at any time with the Web Stats Gold 100% risk free guarantee.

Get such incredible features as Marketing Analysis, eCommerce Analysis, Percentage of change, Revenue Tracking for both new and returning visitors, multiple Conversion Ratios, and even Drop-out rates.

There is no other service on the Internet today that provides all of these features in one complete package, much less does it at anywhere near these prices.

Click Here and be collecting website visitor stats within minutes!

Use any major credit card on our secure servers with complete confidence.

Graph of web site visitor statistics  

Multiple Sites Special Offer:

Web Stats Gold was specifically written to help the small e-commerce business owners compete equally with the large enterprise systems. We understand that success often depends on owning multiple websites. If you run multiple sites, you may qualify for our small business bulk sites offer.

Normally, our pricing is per site. But
All we ask is a bit of your time (See, nothing is ever really free, is it?) to give us your comments and suggestions that can help us improve Web Stats Gold.

What do you think? Is this a reasonable offer? Then come on, Click Here and join us now!

Monthly Rates: Volume per Month Price in US $ With Sales Tracking With Ad Tracking With Affiliate Tracking
  < 10,000 Page Views $8.95 +1.95 +1.95 +1.95
  < 20,000 $14.95 +5.00 +5.00 +5.00
  < 50,000 $19.95 +7.50 +7.50 +7.50
  < 150,000 $39.95 +10.00 +10.00 +10.00
  < 250,000 $69.95 +15.00 +15.00 +15.00
  < 500,000 $89.95 +20.00 +20.00 +20.00
  < 1,000,000 $125.00 +25.00 +25.00 +25.00
  > 1,000,000 Contact Us      

Web Stats Gold prices are per site and based on the amount of traffic each site uses per month. The first month is free, and following months' rate will be based on the prior month's traffic.

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Remember our privacy policy:

Any information you supply to us or that is gathered through the use of Web Stats Gold is never revealed to others. We consider that all communications and information gathered in the course of business is given in confidence and is no one else's concern. They can go gather their own information.


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